Eatontown Board of Education

Current Board President and Vice President

Bob English


Carl Lawson

Current Board Members

Lori Flynn 


Janine Frederick

Maysee Jacobs
  Deborah Martinock
Tiffany Miller
  Nelson Ortiz
Mark Regan Jr.


Scott T. McCue Superintendent of Schools
Lori Youngclaus Business Administrator/Board Secretary


2019-2020 Board of Education Goals

Goal 1: By June 2020, Eatontown Public Schools will enhance student achievement for all students across the curriculum by effectively investigating and implementing best educational practices/programs, concrete assessment tools, and instructional technologies which specifically gauge and promote student learning in an effort to prepare all students for college and career. 

Objective 1: By June 2020, 75% of all students in Grades K-8 will meet the Typical Goal and 20% will meet the Stretch Goal in Mathematics as measured by the I-Ready Benchmark Assessments.

By June 2020, 75% of all students in Grades K-8 will meet the Typical Goal and 20% will reach Stretch Goal in English Language Arts as measured by the I-Ready Benchmark Assessments.

By June 2020, 75% of all students in Grade K will satisfy 7 of the 12 skills listed on the Haggerty Phonemic Awareness Skills Assessment.

By June 2020, 85% of all students in Grades 1-2 will increase at least three Fountas and Pinnell reading levels as measured by the fall and spring running records assessments unless the students fall above the grade level reading range as specified by Fountas and Pinnell.

By June 2020, 80% of all students K-8 will demonstrate improvement in their writing skills as measured by the District Prompts Pre and Post Tests.

By June 2020, content and skill level assessments will be implemented to gauge student mastery of the academic standards in all special area subjects of the curriculum.

Objective 2: By June 2020, the district will increase student and teacher use of educational technologies and devices in every classroom in order to enhance students’ content knowledge and academic skills across the curriculum consistent with the NJ Student Learning Standards. 

Objective 3: By June 2020, the district will continue to investigate and research educational structures, programs, and approaches that foster equity of learning opportunities for all students attending Eatontown Public Schools with a focus on grade level collaboration, differentiated learning, and social-emotional learning. 


Goal 2: By March 2020, Eatontown Public Schools will craft a school budget which supports important educational programs and services for students in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner in order to ensure all students have access to the resources and opportunities necessary to meet the NJ Student Learning Standards. 

Objective 1: By December 2019, the district will analyze the current school budget in light of anticipated enrollment, potential state and federal funding sources as well as future district educational needs and develop budget perimeters based upon this analysis.  Budgetary options also will be explored to help the district balance future budgets in light of significant anticipated state aid reductions.    

Objective 2:   By January 2020, the district will develop and execute a budget plan that highlights key budgetary elements, supports educational initiatives, and plans for future reductions in state aid. 

Objective 3:   By February 2020, the district will explore and research ways to increase revenues and/or decrease costs for future budgetary and educational planning including but not limited to shared service agreements, grant opportunities, energy savings, charging student tuition, improving residency verification, and insurance savings.

Objective 4:  By June 2020, Eatontown Public Schools will continue the process of achieving the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting from NJ ASBO International.   


Goal 3:     By June 2020, Eatontown Public Schools will research, explore, and implement measures that will help to increase the safety, efficiency, and educational mission of our school facilities. 

Objective 1:   By January 2020, the Operations Committee will discuss the present state of the district’s facilities and recommend possible capital improvement or maintenance projects for the future based upon educational, safety, or physical plant needs consistent with the Long Range Facilities Plan. 

Objective 2:   By March 2020, the Operations Committee will explore buildings and grounds options that may enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of plant operations in the future such as researching an Energy Savings Improvement Plan and/or HVAC audit.


Goal 4:     By January 2020, the Safety Committee will continue to explore and research various vehicles and mechanisms that have the ability to enhance the safety and security of our schools and buildings.   


Regular Meeting Schedule

The following attachment under the side menu details the Regular Meeting Schedule of the Eatontown Board of Education for the 2019-2020 school year.

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